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Castle on Hill



Thank you for coming to my page! Elemental Fate is the first in a fantasy romance involving Elves, secrets, and a deep love. Darkest Fate is the sequel, follow Tera as she navigates her new world! My standalone, A Touch of Grace is a contemporary about grief and following dreams, and is available as well!  Thanks again for checking out my books!

Elemental Fate


Three years after losing her Mother, Tera is just trying to survive. With a drunk Father constantly disappearing she's on her own. Until Fate steps in. Told she's an Elven Princess with a destiny by a Knight in shining armor her world becomes something new. With a Faction out to kill her, a mother now alive, powers to learn to control, and a crush on her Knight, she's not quite sure she's up for the changes Fate thinks she is. But she learns we are never ready for the challenges placed in our paths, and she must embrace the unknown to learn who she was always meant to be.

Darkest Fate

Still reeling from the loss of Cavin, Tera is thrust into a new world. As she tries to master her gifts and the political machinations of her Queen Mother a promise of hope is set before her. Is Cavin alive? Visions bombard her with the hope of her love returned from the dead, but will she survive to find out? Assassination attempts cause Tera to lose someone close to her; upsetting revelations and promises of war lead her to make dangerous decisions. If her Knight is alive will he be able to save her?


A Touch of Grace


 After the loss of her Father in a riding accident, Olympic hopeful Avianna retreats from the horse world and her dreams. Seemingly content with simple rides around the farm and teaching others what used to make her complete she thinks her life is good. Meeting Lincoln early one morning sets her on a path toward the passion she thought she could live without. But he has anger and bitterness about the life he’s forced to live. Can they help each other overcome the pain they feel? Can love break through hate? They will both learn that while forgiveness is painful, love is what brings healing.

A Cursed Stone


Going to boarding school in Scotland wasn't Winter's idea, especially not her senior year, but she couldn't deny the appeal of the school and the surrounding area. The Highlands were steeped in history, beauty, and the chance for adventure, but what Winter wasn't planning on was feeling so alone. The friends she made were great, but there was something, someone, missing from her life. The castle the school inhabited was old and full of whisperings that only Winter seemed to be affected by, and her dreams were growing to feel more and more real. As she learns more about the tragic history of the last Laird's family the more her dreams show her. Winter spends her days on the roof talking to the stone gargoyle, sharing her secrets and wishes with him, because he can't tell anyone. She never figured getting locked on the roof one stormy night would change her life, but there is more to the castle and the things that call it home then she could ever imagine.

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