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Castle on Hill


 I didn't plan on being a writer, but I have been an avid reader for years now. My friends and family would often say that I should write a book, but I never took them seriously. I started writing by accident. I thought I was writing a poem, but the words just kept coming so I went with them. Tera and Cavin took over my life and I have loved every moment with them. It took time, research, and a little faith to finish book one. It was a foray into something new and scary, but I am better off on this side. I currently have a few more stories floating around in my head and I hope to be able to share them with you all soon.


I work full time and write while doing it. I am a nanny and I love it because it allows me to take care of my charges and write what I love at the same time. I have a loving family and an adorable black lab who keeps me feeling loved.


Pick a story to love! Read what makes you happy, and never apologize for what stirs your heart!



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